Lesbian Poop On Each Other

Training To Be A Scat Mistress!

After convincing his pretty secretary to be his mistress, now it’s time to train her how to please him! Fucking is not enough for him; he needs lots of shitting and pissing! He makes her take off her clothes and display her body in its full glory. He makes her lean forward and thrust ass out right on top of his face. She heaves several times and showers him with warm piss. She heaves again and produces nuggets of shit right into his mouth!

I Feasted On Schoolgirl Scat! – Part 1

So I submit to these bitches and allow them to strip me and kick me down the floor. They hike their skirt up and sit on the table, their cute butts positioned directly above my face. They take turns shitting on my face then they make me feed morself of scat using chopsticks.


Hot shitting, loud farting and worn socks teasing;)