Lesbian Salve Eat Shit

Dirty Blonde Lena Plays Shitgames Outdoor

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Toilet Slave Burried Part 2

Girls Uses Man

Swallow, Dipshit

On my morning walk I reach a little brook, so I throwed some stones into the water. Then a guy from the local water supplier came along and told me, that he has to supervise this area. I was bored of him, so I showed to him, how I supervise him! I rip his Shirt and then I dominate him. In the cold water he must do, what I say. Of course he had to eat a huge amount of pee and shit from me. I think he will never Forget this morning! *smile*

‘peeing In Red Jeans And On Myself’

I first pee in my red jeans. Then I wet my bra and top and put them back on. I also pee on myself with the same acrobatics as in the video where I peed over my face. I soak up the pee with my socks and pants and I lie down in it. In the end I pee some more through my pants. My pants get very wet and I was quite horny and excited after making the video so I made another video right away. Enjoy!