Lesbian Sharing Pooped Panties

Toilet Time 20

Those of you like seeing thick and yet creamy turds slowly slithering out of my ass must not miss this one! You will love seeing this very natural yet behind the curtain act that we girls usually don’t do in front of you. We are so cute and sexy and yet we are also capable of slowly pushing out such long and creamy turds 🙂

Press And Shit Spreading

I sit on the bathtub and spread my legs to much so you can see very good on my rosette!! I make you very horny with my curvy ass and my sexy Nylons……then i must press,the asshole opening and i pull with my fingers more open!! The sausages comes and I show her to you from near…..

Mega Diarrhea

The blast for fans of diarrhea! I sit straddling the bathtub, then I piss first a time, but then it is also going on, just as it squirts out of my asshole, the brown soup seeking his way. Every so often supplies, and also farting Furtzen is announced, the freckles spread across the tub 🙂 And the brown sauce is running slow down the rim at the end … I’ll show you the brown masses 🙂