Lesbian Shit Eat Cat

Toilet Slaves Meal

Watch me Poo your meal off the side of my tub . Then listen to me encourage you to devour every single piece of my waste .

Mistress Emily – Shit Devotion

Okey, my scat boy, show everyone what you are worth. Lie down on the floor in my bathroom and lick my sweet legs. After maybe I’ll reward you with a delicious dinner for good obedience. Lick my asshole while I groan for pleasure. Put your tongue in my ass. I LOVE it when you do it, my toilet. Now open your mouth wider. As I promised, I will reward you with a delicious dinner right from my ass. A huge long shit falls into your mouth. Then again and again. Oh, I finished shit. Did you like it? I will spit in your mouth. Now you must swallow my shit along with my spit. Come on, lie down, I’ll show everyone your fucking mouth before you start eating my shit.

Monster Poop At Work!

I’m doing the night shift at work and of course, I have to poop! I have been taking a lot of fiber lately and damn is this a gigantic shit! If only I hadn’t taken the shit in the toilet bowl…if I had shit on the floor instead, you would have seen how big of a pile it was! Not to worry, you can still see the monster as it sits in the toilet, huge!!!