Lesbian Shits On Her Face

Eat My Shit Out Of The Toilet

After I fed my shit-Eater shit out of my ass and shaved his head with shit instead of cream.I decided to deepen the lesson, I dragged him to the bathroom. He’s in for a little surprise! A big, smelly pile of shit, and he’ll eat right out of the toilet! Dipping his face in the toilet and making him eat stinky shit, I finally broke it! He scooped up the shit with his hands and ate whimpered, but did not dare to contradict until you ate everything and I flushed the water and tucked his head down the toilet. Now it’s his place! Now this schmuck and the toilet maggot are my toilet forever!

Toilet Slave Burried Part 3

Girls Uses Man

Training New Recruit – Part 2 Movie

Part 2 movie? The newly recruited slave is now learning to obey his Mistresses, after signing the contract he became a human ashtray then when his Mistresses take a dump in the bowl he gets to clean their ass! He is ordered to eat their shit and piss but he hesitated… to be continued in Part 3

Horny Shitting

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