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Pissing and pooping on myself…pity I had nobodY to film me..have to repead this clip wehn I ever find a guy who is not running away wehn I am naughty like this ,-P

Strapon Fucking In Many Positions – Another Angle

Mistress Anita wanna fuck hard a nice asshole today. She call her slave and use on his ass her new strapon for her dirty pleasures. She deepthroat it into his mouth, then shove it full inside his asshole. At the end, she offer him her golden nectar, her champagne to remember this session. This movie was filmed with mobile from the back of the action.

Electricity At The Morning P1

Mistress Michelle has hogtied her toilet slave and beats the soles of the slave with a cane. Now Mistress Michelle has a surprise. She use a electric cattle prod and the slave winds back and forth. After Mistress Michelle have had so much fun she starts to pee in his mouth at first.