Lesbian Submission Piss

Office Woman Gets Revenge, Domination And Pissing On Man’s Face! – Part 2

Eventually, the sweetheart starts stripping the man of his clothes! Once he is left with only his underwear, she puts him down on his knees and begins barraging his back with a series of whips and hits! In no time, he is on the floor rolling in agony and defeat! However, that isn’t going to stop the woman who then takes off her stockings and panties and then feeds the victim with her pussy! It doesn’t end there, she later follows it with laying the victim on the floor and urinating on his face! The sweetheart has prepared for the scenario with a full bladder! In addition, she makes sure to accurately spray into his mouth and nose, leaving him gagging and desperately grasping for air!

Holy Fucking Shit!!!

This morning, one of My regular toilets came to serve. He loves MY shit, he just can’t get enough of it! But he has an even more peculiar fetish, which you’ll discover in a bit.I had been saving up My piss for him, so when he arrived, I made him lie down on the ground and gave him a good drenching all over his chest and cock with My deep yellow morning piss. After that, I made him lick My arse for a bit (just because I really like having My arsehole licked before going for a shit) and then I took a big hard dump in his mouth. Once I was done, we moved on to his special little kink. You see, My toilet slave has a thing for smoking. So I lit a cigarette and breathed My smoke out into his mouth so he could inhale it through the shit. Apparently, smoked shit is divine! At least according to him! I used his shitty mouth as an ashtray too, since it was there and open, and waiting. Once I was nearly down to the bottom of the cigarette, I let him smoke on My red lipstick stained filter before finally putting the cigarette out in the big heap of hard shit filling his mouth. I then made him spit it all out so I could see how big My turd was, and I smeared it all over him. He’s going to stink for days!!!

Pretty Brunette College Girl Barbie Shits In The Bowl (hd Wmv Video 1280×720 Pixels 5000 Kb/s)

Pretty brunette college girl Barbie shits in the bowl (HD wmv video 1280×720 Pixels 5000 kb/s)