Lesbian Toilet Pissafternoon

Mistress Gaia – Dog Bowl To Diaper – Hd Version

CUSTOM REQUEST – The clip starts with you defecating in a (dog) bowl. Then you go to a male slave who is bound to a cross/the wall. You greet him by spitting in his mouth and face and slapping his face. Then you hold the bowl in front of his nose and tell him to inhale the smell deeply. Then you start feeding him with the spoon. You admonish the slave strongly that he will be punished, if he does not eat with pleasure and joy and eat everything. While the slave is eating you mock him heartlessly and spit at him. To ensure the swallowing you gag him with your hand. After a while you untie him and make him kneel before you. You put the remainder of the caviar in a diaper and tell him to continue to eat your caviar out of the diaper while he kneels on the floor and his are bound behind his back. While he is eating you press his head brutally into the pile of caviar. At the end you fasten the diaper with the remaining caviar around his head so that the caviar covers his face and then you make him lie on the floor and you sit on his diapered face…

Lucky Slave Gets 2 Serving Of Shit!

A caged slave has a surprise in store for him. His mistress has brought back her friends to let her deliver her shit for consumption by her slave. This is the slaves version of eating out. Except in this case, he’s only leaving his cage to be served with hot and fresh sweet shit from his Mistress and her friends assholes. They take great pleasure in pushing the slaves head into the plate they have shit on to make sure he eats every last bit! LICK that plate CLEAN! Then his Mistresses friends left but Mistress has another push of her shit and serves more shit for him, this time it was runny and squishy. What a lucky slave!

Freeway Toilet Club Part 2

This one of the Movies that saved the Website at the |Time when Sales were down so much, that Operations almost stopped. Part 2 is not as juicy as Part 1. English Subtitles

‘hd’ ‘request’ ‘desperate To Pee Into Jeans’

I loved making this first request video (more to come!). I held my pee the whole day for this. I barely was able to get the camera and make the clip in time. The customer wanted me to wait naked and desperate and then put on jeans at the last moment. Then pee into the jeans. I really understand why that turns him on, because it was so exciting. I chose these jeans because they fit so tight around my body and I can feel the pee and wetness on my skin. I never peed so much in my pants before in my life!