Lesbian Try Piss Sex

You Pathetic Shit Eater!

I see you are waiting for me, with fear in your eyes! Because today is the day I turn you from a pathetic loser into my pathetic shit eater! Look at me, I am beautiful I am a Goddess! You should only be so lucky to be of any service to me! So today I will make your nightmare come through. Get under my chair, and look at my boots, remember when I let you worship these? That was nothing.. Now you are going to eat and swallow my shit! If you ever come close to throw up, I will make you eat both the shit and your puke! So look at my sexy ass, because here is your destiny from now on! This is your only possibility to eat from now on!Look as my ass start to pucker, and the log is coming slightly into daylight. It is just so much I need to shit, and you watch it as it falls into to your pathetic toilet mouth! You look so pathetic lying there with my BIG dump in your toilet mouth, I can only laugh of you how love you have really sunk! “If you ever dream of being my shit eater, you better watch this clip! This is your destiny!”

Short Times Piss For M.

You want to see my body, are already addicted to me, my Stimme..meinen breasts, my tattoos. Here I am again for you! Look at how I stand naked in the tub, legs collapse or drift apart and do it’m running for you. Lust..auf me ?! I know!

Horny Lying Repeatedly Abgekackt, One Of My Best Videos!

So I am just lying down and the camera may not be missing, the perspective has become super cool 🙂 I shit several giant pieces, which stick to my ass before they fall to the ground 🙂 See for yourself 🙂