Lesbian Vomit Shit

Lady Yuna- Scat In Your Mouth

A big load of shit for the slave right in the mouth. That’s how I love it. And if he is not fast enough, he is motivated with intense blows. And it works just fine. Unfortunately, the slave is so horny that he cums before he has eaten everything. That must be even better next time.

The Craziest Scatgirls…

Watch 3 teens (18 and 19) doing things with their shit you may not have seen before…..

Meal Is Ready!

Stupid poor worm, you are very lucky today. Your Mistress Melissa has decided to prepare for you a simply delicious lunch. The special tablecloth for your odd lunch will be a beautiful meadow in a beautiful summer day. The main meal will be, obviously, my brown shit. Meal is ready!