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Mistress Roberta – Hose Cocoon And Enema In Throat

Mistress Roberta make a new fetish movie with a new thing : HOSIERY COCOON ! Because she is full of surprises she call her toilet slave to come at her place in the middle of the week ! She destroying his cock and balls today then putting in a full body hose cocoon and show him more pain….She keep her toilet slave in chastity and she order him to wait for her in the bathtub for a enema session at the end of the meeting. She doing 3-4 enemas and he must receive them right into his throat, to prove her that he is a good toilet.

Urine-theraphy For Patient’s Cold!

This Doctor has a very old fashion style in medicine so when one of her patient came to her one afternoon and told her that he is suffering from cold and he feels like he is freezing. She immediately know what prescription she has to give him.. Its called a Urine-Theraphy!!! She removes her silk panties and gives her patient fresh urine to warm him up and clear his cold, she does not ask to be paid, instead in return her patient must lick and clean her pussy to save her from wiping her own vagina. Soon enough her patient is feeling much better and he is ready to go.