Lesbian Who Eat Poop

Mistress Gaia And Her Personal Wc

Let me introduce my personal human toilet! No one eats more shit than him, he is my personal WC and he is only mine! After having made him lick the soles of my shoes, look how he eats all my shit and how I insert in his mouth all the pieces of shit drop to the ground: because nothing goes to waste! At the end, I piss and spit into his mouth, while he masturbates. A curiosity: my shit, this time, is bi-color… eh eh eh eh

Solo Scat From Chair

and then I shit out of a chair, this time my delicious caviar goes into an empty, since a slave stood me up and it would be a shame not to show you how cool I can shit. With close-up 😉

3 Poop Compilation Vid

Scene 1 – I’ve Been Taking My Iron Pills All Week & I Wanted 2 Show You How Dark & Dirty They Make My Poop Look! I Just Had 2 Turn My Cam On Real Fast & Capture This Quick Shit. Close-Ups & Everything! Do You Like My New Dark Chocolate? Want A Taste? ;)Scene 2 – I Prop Myself Up On The Side Of The Toilet & Take A Tinkle & Then Poop. Nice Rear View Of My Ass & Growing Bush ;)Scene 3 – I Need 2 Get Your Poop Ready 2 Send To You In The Mail. I Sit Down In A Chair & Poop Into The Container That You Will Be Licking My Chocolate From 😉 Close-Up Of Your Chocolate Treat At The End!

Kiki First Time 1080p

First timer Kiki comes over to give the toilet some of her nice turds and sweet golden nectar into his pig boy mouth. He eats and drinks what he can but there was too much for this toilet. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.