Lesbien Shit Ony Face

Today Princess Mia Was Very Upset (full Version)

But she knows how to cheer herself up. The obedient slave, as usual, sits on the chain all day and waits only for his Mistress. He can not help it. His destiny is submission and humiliation. Mistress decided to relax with her toy. She just came from a party and she had a lot of tasty food inside for a slave. And now she will treat him. Mia began to shit directly into the mouth of a slave, pressed him with a belt to her ass and did not allow to resist. The slave is completely naked and trembling, he is afraid and at the same time he loves his Mistress. Mia fed her slave with the best, sweetest, tasty shit, and the insignificant slave tolerated everything and tried to eat it. Then she began to goof on him, laugh, smear all over his face and spit into his face.

Mao In The Park

Finding a secluded area to take a massive poop outdoors!

Mistress Roberta -creamy Tasty Ass-pov

Today i prepare your breakfast and rub my ass into it so you can start eating from my ass the creamy shit i have prepared for you and suck well the pee from the paper enjoy!