Lesbien Vomiting

Shit And Piss After Hard Work

Simple, short but extremely hot video)) You’ll see my sexy legs and ass covered with shit) Especially for you I’m wearing my favorite tights, and put a whole bunch of crap in them !)) Sometimes nice shit and pee while I’m home alone, especially after a hard day at work)) Want to see? Love you all, stay connected, ahead as always, many new video))

Caged Slave’s Dinner Time

Mistress is taking her slave out of his cage to feed him, she squated on a bowl and sprays her piss and gave it to her slave to drink before his main course. He drinks it all like a good slave he is, thirsty for his Mistress piss and hungry for some shit! Mistress brings out a silver plate squated and shit on it while her slave patiently waiting for his food. She calls him to clean her dirty asshole and he obediently licks and cleans his Mistress ass. Mistress is now ready to give her slave his dinner. She lets him eats it and even treated her slave by feeding him with shit on her boots as he licks it off like a tasty dessert.

Shitty Diarrhea

Shitty Diarrhea through my jeans and panties!