Lesbin Shit Eaters

Sexy Garter And Heels For This Shit!

It was the first anniversary of me uploading videos to the internet so I made this clip to celebrate :)That’s something for us to celebrate don’t you think? For you, I dressed up sexy in stockings and garters and heels – just like I know drives you crazy! As for your gift – you watch me shit and smell it and eat it – just like you know drives ME crazy! I push out a big, soft pile of turds, hot and fresh from my plump young ass. I made it special for you so you better enjoy every mouthful fully!A truly sensual experience, very intimate and alluring to have you watch me in my private moments. Thanks for a great first year, hope we can continue to treat each other right ;D


Oxana is nasty messy pooping in nasty tights!

Piss Swallow – Piss Swallow Mix

Great Peemovie with lot of pee on each other and real good acteurs.

Me And My Shitty White Panties!

Daisy is leant over the bath in a tight little pair of white panties. She needs to poop, and as usual the dirty girl has no intentions of sitting on the toilet!Feeling the poop right there at her butt hole, she gives the first few pushes. As the poop is going in to her tight panties, they tent right out at the back!Daisy sighs as she mushes more of the smelly load out, and very soon her panties are bulging! Reaching her hand back, she touches and squishes the big load of poop now sitting snugly in her panties. Turning around, she sits down and wriggles her dirty bottom around on the floor making the mess spread even further through her panties. Pulling them down, Daisy gives you a good look at how messy her ass is. She then feels like she needs to go some more, and quickly bends back over the bath, pushing even more sticky poop in to her brown stained panties. She then pulls them down at the back giving you a good look at the big load inside! Sitting back down, Daisy opens her legs wide. She’s pooped so much that shit is smeared all over her thighs!Pulling off her panties, a big dump of poop falls out and lands on the ground. Daisy holds up her disgusting panties to you, before getting on her hands and knees and pissing over the pile of poop on the bathroom floor!