Lesbins Eating Each Others Poop

Queen Sylvy Makes A Mess!!

Queen Sylvy was eating a cheese Pizza yesterday. All that dairy set off her lactose intolerance!! She rushed to the bathroom to unleash a watery, runny dump!! What a friggin mess!! lol it was like she was peeing in her ass! When she looked back she had splattered all over the toilet bowl and her seat when one gurgling gassy shart burst shot out!! Luckily she has the bidet attachment to clean both the toilet and her dirty runny booty!! This is the messiest load yet in this RUNNY month from Queen Sylvy!! You Bubblegut lovers should be lining up right now as Sylvy has been on the RUN all month!!

Broken Toilet 31 – Eat All My Turds!

Women have the gift of life, or do they? I put it to the test for a few days and I have PROVEN that our beautiful female bodies can truly support life. How? By letting my male slave eating NOTHING except my bowel movements directly from my ass!For several days I have taken all food away from my slave. Only I got to eat all the delicious meals to feed my beautiful female body. Eventually when my body is done with the food and I need to take a shit THAT becomes the meal for my slave in order to feed his body with.Ladies, I have proven our female bodies can truly support life. By letting your slave literally eat your bowel movement when you take a shit your body is literally feeding & supporting his body. It gives new meaning to the phrase “Ass to mouth” doesn’t it?After 7 large meals over the past two days I was holding it in my slave was starving. Watch as I’m laying naked on the bed being filmed from two angles taking a massive shit. You have to excuse my load moans, it was extreme pleasure & relieve lolThen watch as my slave eats my shit from my bottom & inner thighs bite for bite, turd for turd in FULL view until there is absolutely NONE left. He even scraped the last soft she from between my buttocks & asshole and put it on top of the last firmer turd he ate in full view.As I was laying there completely naked seeing & feeling him eat my ENTIRE bowel movement I could feel my vagina soaking the sheets underneath from my huge arousal. Like any good toilet slave he licked my bottom & asshole clean afterwards. This took a long time because it was messy but I LOVE having my ass eaten & licked so I enjoyed it a LOT!This 16 minute Broken Toilet episode is a must have as I’m completely naked in this one, moaned from pure pleasure of taking such a big shit and in full close-up view you can see my slave eating every last bit of my shit. I LOVE my life! xoxo


See the intimate measurements of this thick poop!

Warm Dish For Hungry Worms

Watch carefully at what I’m doing. I put a bowl in the bath… and I drop many soft turd in what will become your plate. My diet is very simple: shit, shit and shit again. If you hurry to come see me, you will find it warm again.