Lesbo Shith Eating

Shitting On Snow In Minus 20 Degrees

My friend likes to shit on the street all year round. Even 20 degree frost is not a hindrance to it (-4 Fahrenheit). She pisses and shits on white clean snow again and again, time after time. Voyeurism and nudity in the cold is so hot.

Only Shit For You Today!

My shit eater is watching me, and I tease him with what is to finally feed him. But the smock seems to be more interested in my pussy, rather than his actual food source!Well I have to change that, and I have him lay down, while I hover my food wagon above his face. Bu enough teasing, I need to shit badly, so his mouth better be open.I shit a nice log straight into his toilet mouth, and watch him as he enjoy my bodily gifts.. While I humiliate him!

Melissa’s Peeing, Bubblguts And Bubblebutt!!!

Melissa Is Back with some great quick peeing and BubblyGutty adventures. Enjoy Four great explosive clips of everything listed in the tittle!!! She mixes it up between home and public clips. Enjoy all the tinkles in splashes as usual from one the biggest and best Booties around!!!


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