Lesbos Eating Poops

Action Camera Shit

I bought an Action Camera and try it with you. I put the camera in the toilet and shit you really cool in your face

Butthole Play In Sexy White Stockings!

I haven’t pooped in 2 days and feel this is gonna be a big one! I put on some sexy white stockings for you and decide to relieve myself in the dining room. Come watch as I take a big shit and piss in my stockings and proceed to rub it all over my ass with my stockings still on. I then climb onto the dinning table and continue to smear the shit on my pretty butt cheeks until I get so horny I grab my buttplug and start playing with my little butthole. I surprise myself by shitting another big load right there on the table and keep fucking by asshole with the toy…so hot!!!

Nearly 400gr Monsterous Shit

That was a biiiig shit before christmas, we already had some pre-xmas-feasting and that became a really gorgeous portion..