Lesdom Shitting

Mistress Roberta And Lady Niky-golden Shower

Today me and Lady Niky from Germany get an slave and wash him with our golden nectar, he aso tries to drink the nectar but he gets more spit from Lady Niky and pee on his cock because i only pee only a bit but Lady Niky is doing a real nice shower and plays a bit with him humiliating him, enjoy!

Tasting Shit Stew! – Full Movie

Ever met a chick who loves her own shit that she needs to eat it? Yup, Akumi is one such babe. She unloads her scat on a very nice plate then she mixes it with her very own home cooked stew! The shit adds a bold flavor to the dish! She eats it off the plate or she places the sauce on a plastic bag and she drinks it from there! She also uses her scat as toppings for other dishes!

Shit On Me Please

I am playing with my pussy getting close to cumming and need Daddy to help me CUM. He straddles my chest and takes a huge dump right on my stomach and tits!! Getting me hotter and hotter he then pisses on me as I rub it in, pissing on my clit and his shit. I bang my pussy till I cum really hard. ENJOY!! From your favorite couple and redhead with huge boobs and the most beautiful prolapse rosebud!

Ayanna’s Painful Diarrhea And Logs!!

Ayanna keeps cranking out the (s)hits!!! Enjoy three great clips as she spreads nice and wide to Unleash her Bubblies for the People!!! In three great clips enjoy as she spreads nice and wide to unleash the funk!! Ayanna has had the runs lately and it looks like it was a bit painful as well as she was making the the worst faces and grunts and strains! She even had to kick her feet out to help bringing it out. In one clip after the initial burst, she has to finger her ass to get the rest out! Three great clips as usually from the bussiest Funky lady!!