Leso Shit Slave

Tasty Shit Inside My Asshole!

Huh, It feel soo good to push out a huge shit… you wanna watch my asshole? I bet you’re the type who gets turned on watching pretty girls shit… 😉 now look … Smelly shit birth out my ass as I moan in pleasure at the feeling–and give you a good look at the inside of my open asshole. You like that, babe? Haha, I know you do, take a good long look inside my anus.😉

Mistress To Pull The Dung Slaves 1

Mistress step on banana for slaves to eat, and then to the slave’s mouth shit.



Pathetic Human Toilet Lives For Eating Shit! – Part 2

She ejects a day’s worth of shit, dumping it into his hungry mouth! He swallows every morsel of shit as if it’s manna.