Level 3 Slave Eats My Puke Piss And Shit

Being a piss swallowing urinal is the 1st level. Eating shit is the 2nd level. The ultimate level, however, is the third level to puke in your mouth. Who creates all 3 levels may proudly appreciate as my full toilet! From now on, your meals consist of my piss, shit and puke! Every day! But not only from me. Even if I get a visit from my friends and my lovers! In the shit breaks you can lick our feet and shoes clean. You dare you too? Think what the guy can do in the video, can I do it? You realize that you have to swallow it all just like him! Good, then you can apply me after the video! If you do well, you may also be a Level 3 slave…

Level  3 Slave Eats My Puke Piss And Shit

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Studio: Toilet Humiliation