Lezbian Play Shit Piss

Uro And Scato

I strip, teas you, dance before a good piss and shit. I also finger my ass a bit with toilet paper

Milf Ellie – Glasses

Hot poo digging, pissing, pooping with a closeup of the poo and then dildo in ass…

Mistress Roberta – Fat Lunch Prepared For Today -pov

Today you will get a fat lunch fresh prepared, first alot of pee and after a mountain of shit that fills the toilet creamy and tasty looking just like a so much desired plate in a good restaurant where you can lick also the plate in my case the ass :), enjoy!

I Feed You With Shit Against Your Will!

A toilet slave does not manage to swallow as it should be, is at mine, Miss Janes and Jordan Stars mercy. He gets two loads of shit in his mouth, is allowed to drink my pee and as dessert, Jordan Star pukes into a cone, she pushed into his mouth. Thats the way, we treat a disfunctional toilet – there will be some feeding with shit against his will