Lezbians Pee Cat


Hi my little kittys!))) did you miss me?I missed you too!) But now I’m back) I recently returned from vacation, and ready to give you my new video!) I also ordered professional equipment for filming, and very soon the quality of my clips greatly increase!) So brace yourself, soon I’ll blow your heads with my stunning hot clips, my kittens. In this video you will find hot pantypooping, dirty sucking toys, licking my stockings, sex and Masturbation. As well as loud farting and smearing!) All this at a special discounted price, especially for the upcoming holidays!)) Stay with me, coming soon you i give you enormous number of hot videos, surprises, bonus clips, special discounts and more!) Love you!))

Fart And Shit In Spaex Trousers

I woke up with extreme gas…. and my farts are toxic. I started to fart in my new spandex black trousers ! But I decided to save them for my toilet slave ! And what better way to relive myself than on his toilet face . Fart after fart I’ve been saving now all rest in his lungs . But there is something way more than farts ready to come out … yes … my long, wet and smelly shit ! After that I use him for toilet paper of corse … He must know his plays in life ! Bad sound quality!

Morning Pee & Giant Farts Compilation

Every morning Erica wakes up and heads to the bathroom for her first pee of the day. What comes with these first day pee visits, are loud and long farts. Cum and enjoy the mornings with Erica.

Toiletmouth For Mistress

Slave is used by me as my personal human toilet. I poop shit directly into his mouth each time I need to make a turd. I always have to be sure that my property menage to swallow whole of my shit properly. If he succeed as a reward I can use his tongue as my toilet paper. Slave naturally loves to clean chocolate remnants from his Lady asshole. That’s why after delicious feeding slave thanks well for his Mistress generosity.