Lezdom Pee Hole Torture

Several Men Pissed Me In A Parking Lot In The Mouth!

In my public parking lot action on September 29, have me, even several men pissing in my Bitch-Mouth ! Of course, all well in front of spectators! Have the horny piss again swallowed completely away and gargled with the piss ago before I swallowed it! I am also a taboo lots dirt sow, I swallow everything and by everyone!

My Orgasm And Shit

Fooling around in bed, I get my toys out and start playing with my toys and have multiple orgasms; once my partner sticks his finger up my ass I have to shit!He runs and gets me a bucket so I can shit off the side of the bed.

Human Public Toilet Volume 6

Today in the human public toilet, word has spread around and there is an influx of schoolgirls waiting to use and abuse the human toilet. This schoolgirl has sloppy shit which is easy to swallow with chewing for the human toilet. He waits with his mouth wide open. This shit is very runny and it can be best described as shart which splashes across his face once his mouth has been filled.