Lezdom Piss Cat Compilation

Shit On The White Shorts2

I have tv in white shorts. I’m starting to perdet.Snimayu your pants and start to smell. They are very bad smell. I take the vibrator and began to fuck his ass. I love it. I pull the vibrator out of your ass and start to shit. I pull out of your ass and wipe your fingers on the white panties. I’m very pleased.

Fucking In Out

He is really fucking the shit out of my ass.

Mistress Roberta – Humiliation, Footjob And Toilet Training

My italian toilet slave is today very happy to see me so i sit on my toilet sit as always and pee in his mouth and he drinks all of it i start to play with his little cock and he gets unpatient to feel the shit in his mouth so i start shitting untill i fill his mouth and face and alow him to play with himself until he cums after i wipe my ass and stick the used paper in his mouth

23q6 P1 – Eat Shit

Iam together with Lady Marie and one of my new a toilet slave. Marie is using the toilet slave for her first time today. She is very cheerful and we laugh a lot and use the slave how we want before he get our shit.