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2 Sweet Asses Treated Me With Morning Shit

2 sweet asses treated me with morning shit. The bell woke me up at 9am. The hoarse, sleepy voice of Christina said – I’ll be with Jana in an hour and I must prepare the studio. Usually they did not come so early. Yana used me first. I hoped that the first one would be Christina – her shit I love much more and to deserve it I had to go through Jana first. When I was serving Jan, Christina hurried me – I also want to shave faster! It was Christina’s turn, she took off her leggings from her beautiful and young ass, and I watched the view from below. Christina poured out a big, warm and tasty bunch in my mouth – her taste and smell became native to me. Her shit massively fell into my mouth with a fart! I heard her say – finally – she experienced the pleasure of freeing herself from shit! Christina hard fed me, the girls were free of shit, they were pleased and laughed. It’s nice to feel in their shit the remnants of undigested food, such as corn, peel, bone!

Nanny Feeds Adult Baby With Her Own Shit! – Full Movie

Her charge is already bugging her for food and she’s in panic mode because the house ran out of baby food. She decides to be resourceful and feed the brat something natural – her shit. She squats over the food bottle and unloads a steaming pile of shit for him to eat. She places the bottle on the baby’s mouth and makes him eat her shit.

Twice From The Side When Shit

I spread my butt cheeks and squeeze out two hot sausages for you.