Lick Ass After Pooping

Faceshitting Toilet Hole

I like to use small human toilets. They are so low and disgusting that I do not care of them. He must lie down under my ass and be ready to eat. Eat his delicious breakfast. But It’s breakfast from my shit! It bitter and terribly stinks, but the slave is obliged to eat it, because he is a human toilet. You want me to use your mouth like a toilet hole, too. Just write me and get your portion of shit.

Mistress Roberta Feeding – Socks In Shitty Mouth

Mistress Roberta have a custom request from a fan : she must use again her dirty socks and humiliate her toilet boy with them in any way possible. She begin with a teasing with them, put a sock on his cock, make it bigger, harder and then she order him to suck and lick her socks, soles and legs. After the toilet worshiping her socks, he will be obliged to receive her daily meal : a shitting Diarrhea right into his mouth then chewing it with socks in mouth.

Peeing On My Car

Now I have treated you well long enough, so now it is time to demonstrate my power over you! I will spit on you, and you will enjoy every drop of my precious Saliva! You like it? Good, because I really don’t care.. I will just continue spitting on you..Ohh wait I can think of one more thing you may deserve! I pull my pants down, and look there’s my pussy.. So you know what a pussy can do? Well here is what I want to do with you! I will just piss on you.. from the top, from the bottom.. can you feel my warm, champagne running down your window?Good now you know your place!


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