Lick Ass Aftershit

Scat Feeding Slave Reinhard

Slave Reinhard is used for the first time as a toilet slave. The mistress places him under her toilet chair. Immediately it starts. The first steaming pile plumps in the toilet bowl and from there directly into the slave mouth. The rest she stuffs him with his hand in the mouth. In the pitcher, the mistress has picked up some fat sausages from the morning toilet which are also fed to him. At the end he has to lick her dirty panties clean. After he has licked the floor clean, he may pull back.

Bitch, Of 30 Guys Dirty Used, Public! Part 3

Part 3: On my public action at the Wachendorfersee, on 23.07.16, I was used by 30 guys dirty! Everyone who wanted was allowed to stuff me, public, my mouth and fill me with sperm and piss. 30 men were not allowed to say that twice and so they fucked me over my hours through my mouth and splashed as well as pissed me into my sluts mouth. Also with extreme Deepthroats and hard-gagging! Of course I have swallowed every sperm and piss-load well!

Ex Godess Using My Mouth For Her Toilet Needs On Bed

An old movie with Godess Roberta using my skills to eating her shit beeing under her toilet chair on her bed. A nice action from my ex Godess for my fans