Lick Shit Blonde

2 Mega Big Heaps Of Shit From Princesses

2 mega big heaps of shit from princesses. Kristina and Yana were very well prepared this time – they accumulated large piles of shit! Yana went to visit her mother and ate a lot, her shit contained a large number of grains that clogged her teeth. And Cristina’s shit was sticky and with a strong taste (as usual). It was a difficult swallowing. The girls were very persistent and very smelly.===The girls were happy to see the feeding table that I did!

Huge Strapon With Champagne…happy Holidays My Slaves

Goddess Antonella is stroking her huge black strapon then goes to the bathroom and prepares for you a full glass of champagne right from her pussy… She dips her strapon into the champagne and asks you to lick it.Then she wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and allows you to drink the champagne.Happy winter holidays!

Shitting And Pissing On The Newspaper

Shitting and Pissing on the Newspaper (JJ000873)

Shitting In Your Mouth

I will shit into your mouth and you will swallow ist. All of it!