Lick Shit Dock

Kidnapping, Slave Tie And Tease And Champagne & Kaviar By Mistress Antonella

After his kidnapping, the slave is attached to undergo tie and tease by Mistress Antonella…She is giving sniff to her slave, and then excites him with positions sensual and lascivious and undresses herself slowly for him, before to offer to him, her champagne and caviar as a reward supreme.

Swallow, Dipshit

On my morning walk I reach a little brook, so I throwed some stones into the water. Then a guy from the local water supplier came along and told me, that he has to supervise this area. I was bored of him, so I showed to him, how I supervise him! I rip his Shirt and then I dominate him. In the cold water he must do, what I say. Of course he had to eat a huge amount of pee and shit from me. I think he will never Forget this morning! *smile*

Maisy Extreme Scat Part 1

See Maisy in one of her most extreme Scenes. Very hard Scat Playing…..