Lick Shit Finger

The Scatqueen

Scatqueen Mistress Michelle wants to shit into the mouth of her toilet slave. This time the shit lands not exactly in the mouth, but on the face. What a pity. From there, however, everything is then pushed into the toilet mouth. Mistress Michelle also helps and spits on top.

Mistress Roberta – Tasty Shit Feet For Breakfast-pov

Today i am preparing a nice surprise for breakfast i pee, shit on the potty chair directly on the floor and give you a nice close up of preparing your food and after i hide my feet in the shit and pee i have on the floor for you to eat everything i gave you

Pissing In The Drain At Work

I relieve myself in the floor drain at my work.

Piss On Madaira 06

The series Piss on Madaira shows you what has happan to all the piss of the two Princesses wich was with the personal slaves for one week in hollydays!