Lick The Shit Off My Feet

Extreme Scat Pool Party – Part 6

AstraCelestial proudly presents.So, recently a great idea visited our minds. So why we don’t buy pool and make scat party in there making this pool full of scat, piss and vomit.So we didn’t eat several days, used some bags of scat, and began our great and filthy party.Vomit, Scat, Shitting, Squirting, Enemas, pissing all kind of sex and more – all this you will find in our new great video which is showimg most pervert parts of our souls.We did it for more than four hours and all this you will see in our new video. it is interesting – actually how many people does it requeres to fill up whle pool. Maybe one day we will do something like that.Love and Peace.AstraCelestial team.

Very Smelly Enema From Alina

Very smelly enema from Alina. At the request of users, Alina made herself a cleansing enema. When the gastric juice came out – the stench was unbearable! Powerful farting is a very smelly video for extreme lovers ..

Lady Celine – Full Toilet Service P3

Now Lady Celine has to go again to the toilet. The slave has to be fast under the toilet seat, mouth wide open and wait until Lady Celine is pissing and shitting. But the shit does not want to come out. Then Lady Celine stimulates with her finger in her ass and the slave has to lick off the shit from her finger after. Then it goes again on the toilet seat. Now it’s better, and the turd comes out. Bon appetit slave. Lady Celine is reading the newspaper while the slave is chewing the shit and swallow.

Drink Piss And Eat Toillet Papper

i command the loser to lay down on the ground and open his mouth! Then i piss stright in his mouth. Its so much this old idiot can not drink all. A lot of piss flows down on the ground. i put some toilett paper on the floor and make the loser eat also this papper full of my piss!