Licks His Shit

Amazing Stinky Liquid Panty Pooping

New BEST AMAZING SUPER TURBO video. GIANT EPIC BADASS ULTRA HOT #pantypooping . *I know you like that shit)))Incredible pile of really liquid shit pour from my ass. I crapped the entire toilet, but the liquid fragrant shit continues to flow from my asshole. I rubbed my ass with shit, smeared my hands with shit and fucked myself in the ass with my fingers. The craped girl in the toilet, rubbing herself ass with diarrhea … it’s curious, is not it? Also check my official twitter page for updates, i hope you like it) Love you)

Amirah Adara Using My Idiot Toilet

Amirah is paying me a visit, and she needs to pee urgently! So I suggest she uses my idiot toilet for this degrading task. I take her to the bathroom where my toilet is waiting, and I tell her to just do her business in his mouth. He does not speak a word English, but he is just a toilet, so he don’t need to speak.. Just open his mouth! Amirah is pee the idiots mouth full, and whatever he missed he have to lick from the floor.. When he has finished his duty, I have to tell him to get in position until he is needed again, but as I said he does not speak, so I actually have to show him even how to do this! What a pathetic loser!!

Mistress Gaia – By Now You’re A Beast!

By now my slave has become a beast, locked in a cage, at the mercy of my will. Download this video ‘POV’ and you will get the feeling of living the condition of inferior beings, make him eat my shit and to drink my divine nectar to survive: they will not have other, neither they will get out of the cage if they do not have eaten everything and drank all!