Lil Girl Farts

Silicone Goddess Lilly – Toys And Many Shits Part 1

Mistress Lilly continue her shitting stories. The silicone lady love to shit and piss EVERYWHERE and she also have a camera with her for recording that ! A true Scat Goddess who love to show off her passion for scat !! This time another 3-4 shits from her, while she playing with her pussy or masturbate hardly.

Big Shitty Ass In Slave’s Stupid Mouth!

Stupid slave, you can’t resist this REALY BIG ass, can you? I know you’re still desperate and want a more punishment – although unconditionally it’s become a reward for you, my TOILET. I’m lavishly peeing at your face, stupid loser. And I pushing a huge shit in front of you and made you sniff it. Are you lacks the smell of that stinky shit? You can only sniff and lick my beautifull ass, loser, you’re still never getting that ass. I will use you only as a toilet, nothing else. Sniff away and thank me for even letting you see my exquisite shit, loser.

P – Extremal Humiliation – 21 – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 4:26. Mistress Weronika is pissing into slave mouth. That is special drink for him.