Liseben Sex Story In Piss Hindi

Scat Mistress Is Back – Hard Scat Feeding

Scat Goddess is back again, after she change her mind and make new movies, more kinky and more intense scat feedings ! Today she call her slave at her place and offer him her golden nectar to drink it all. She allow him to stroke his cock until he empty the glass of piss. Then she put him on the floor and almost sit on his mouth with her perfect ass and begin to shitting right on his face. She put a glove and begin the feeding and smearing all shit on her pathetic slut.

P’emium Pan7yp00p

Hi my kitties)

Khati Piss And Domination 01

Lady Khati whip the slaves slaps the faces, spit on them, she piss on her slaves let them swollow her piss and lick the rest from the floor.

‘hd’ ‘desperate Pee Holding, 35sec 1200ml Explosion’

You know how exciting a desperate struggle followed by a long, high volume release can be. This short clip invites you to a quick stroke and powerful orgasm, which I know you are capable of when seeing what I am doing. In the beginning I am already very desperate, but naturally. I briefly show my bulge. It’s huge. After that I sit on my heel and try to prolong my bladder stretching until it’s at the limit.When I am close to exploding, I sit on the measuring jug and hold it with only muscle power. A brief leakage that I can control predicts my impending bladder burst. It dribbles, then a short pause, then a powerful stream. 35 seconds only, but measuring in at close to 1200ml.So much pee inside me that gushes out in one go. Now I feel a little dizzy. We look at the measuring at the end of the clip.Note: I wear ballet flats and no show socks that I use in another clip to dip in the pee. I wear a dress that grants you a generous upskirt view as I casually sit in front of you, trembling with desperation.