Lit Erotic Pissen

Master Mike Shitting A Diarrhea On His Slave

Master Mike continue his movies with his pathetic toilet boy. He give him everytime new tasks and new lessons to not forget his place : ONLY A HUMAN TOILET FOR MASTER ! Today the toilet boy must do new tasks : coke in ass, pissing in his asshole, ballbusting, ass licking his master in latex, huge anal beads in ass, shit on his face and body and the usually tasks like anal fucking, cock sucking, deepthroating master cock, spanking and humiliation words !Another perfect gay/bisexual toilet movie recorded from 2 angles(masater record by himself some scenes with camera in hand). Price is half for the 48 min. This is part 2 with master shitting a huge diarrhea on slave body and face !!!

Black And White And A Lot Of Shit – Part 3

The last remnants of the caviar were distributed fairly between the slaves. Just swallow a bit and they made it. So they do not fail at the last little rest and spit it out, I sat down on the face of each slave, so he does not spit out my divine gift.

Noelia Ruins The Slave?s Book . She Cleans Her Ass With It

Noelia has found the book which the slave was reading a few months ago. This book, written in old Spanish, was his most precious possession because there were just a few pages left to know the ending.

Mistress Rayvens Piss N Shit Slave 720p

Mistress Rayven has her black slave boy worship her ass while she grooms herself in the bathroom then decides to use him as her piss and shit toilet and drops some hefty loads of pee and shit in her slave boys mouth.