Lol Poops Rong Hole

Francesca’s Painful Booty Snakes

I swear I love watching Francesca take a dump…Nobody makes the same genuine facial expressions and sounds that this lovely BBW does while dropping the in the pool!! I used to swear she was acting, until I caught a whiff and an up close look at what she shitted out one time when we were together!! Good Grief!! While y’all can’t smell the HOT FUNK this woman cooks up, you can definitely take a look!!! Enjoy Three painful dumps from Francesca in these three clips. She even comments on how bad her asshole hurt!! When you see what came out of her you will understand why!!

I Broke My Human Toilet – Messy Diarrhea

I’m not one for hot and spicy foods but hubby surprised me last night with a huge serving of the most delicious hot chicken wings. It took it’s toll on my bowels the next day. I had a very nasty and runny diarrhea shit. Watch as I let this very horrible runny shits run directly in my human toilet slave’s mouth. The taste was so revolting, nasty and smelly he only managed to swallow a little more than half of it. Watch how my human toilet breaks. As I get tears in my eyes because my ass is on fire I get aroused, hearing my human toilet struggle to keep up. Finally it’s too much and revolting tasting for him to handle and he breaks. Hot chili spices passed right through my system and my human toilet had a mouth that burned just as much as my ass. This was a true diarrhea shit explosion into my toilet slave’s mouth making his suffering intense during the swallowing. Note: I will try as far as possible to upload new video clips every 48 to 72 hours. Xoxo

Mistress Roberta – Full Menu For Breakfast – Pov

Today for my toilet slaves i have a full menu prepared first u fill the jar will pee, and while waiting for the creamy pasty shit to arrive you will kiss my perfect feet and after i shit you will eat it from the floor after i wipe my ass and give the paper to you enjoy!