Lollipop Shit

My Sweet Belgian Girlfriend, Misslolyx, Pisses Me In The Mouth!

I’ve met with my kinky and sweet Belgian girlfriend, MissLolyX, on March 24th, in Belgium, to lead a kinky user GangBang (the hot, sparkling and kinky videos of which you’ll soon see all)! But before the users came to our sperm GangBang, we have made kinky Lesbo messes. We also pissed each other in our greedy mouths. Here in this part, Loly pissed into my mouth. I swallowed her hot champagne. Loly pissed me, so much and with such pressure, in my sweet mouth I swallowed me The last of her hot piss, I kept in my mouth and we gave us then horny piss kisses and made filthy piss-swapping. So that she got to swallow her delicious piss too! All this you see from 2 different camera angles !.

Broken Toilet 20 – Orgasm Before Shit

This was not planned, for me to reach several orgasms during a human toilet slavery video. But it’s the 20th Broken Toilet video so I thought “What the hell” Might as well let myself go and enjoy the orgasmic release. Keep in mind these orgasms were real and not scripted so it doesn’t look like a rabies animal screaming and twisting. It was pure loud groans and moans from the waves of pleasure during these orgasms including my REAL facial expressions as I started to cum on my slave’s face several times. Let’s just say this is the most orgasms I had during a single shoot. Many might think I’m spoiling my slave, giving him too much privileges. However just as harsh as my punishments are just as much do I reward slaves for good work. Just a handful of times a year I reward my slave. We start of with him licking my ass after a hard day. My asshole is sweaty, itchy and VERY smelly. I could actually smell my own anal odor as I took my panties off. So my slave Devoted Sub had to put his inferior tongue to good use.Watch as I moan in pure pleasure as he licks between every wrinkle off my asshole to get it clean, his face buried deep into my sexy bottom in order to tongue fuck my rectum. As you can see on my face I made him lick a long time until I reached a soft and satisfying orgasm. We made use of several camera angles to make sure you don’t miss any action.But I was far from done, before he will taste my shit he will have to earn it! So with his mask removed I sat on his naked face and rode him like a racehorse. His nose deep into my soaking wet vagina and his tongue fucking my asshole I kept riding and almost suffocated him in my girl juices as I reached two more mild but long multiple orgasms.Still I wanted to cum more so I turned around and gave him a HUGE HONOR! This time I sat down and rode his face with my soaking wet vagina right on top of his wide open mouth and his nose pushed deep into my asshole. He will never be worthy enough to lick my vagina but as I rode his face and reached two more orgasms my girl cum pumped right into his inferior mouth to swallow giving me the total erotic dominance and release at his expense.It was less than an hour later after I changed into different clothes that the stirring in my bowls started. I suppose all those mini orgasms and him tongue fucking my ass stimulated my colon. We used the living room furniture again so I can sit in comfort. I sat with my legs widely spread in full view of the camera so you can see the full detail of my swollen & red vagina from the orgasms I had on his face and in his mouth. Look how shiny & clean my asshole is from all that tongue washing by him!I enjoyed the warmth of each of those soft, nasty & creamy turds as they slithered out of my asshole into his mouth. After all the pleasure it felt so good having such a nasty bowel movement right into his mouth. Just to remind him of his place ;-)Includes a short slow motion part of me shitting into his mouth as well as a short “behind the scenes” where you can see how everything was set up for the scenes where my ass was licked and riding his face 🙂

Explosive Cow Shit

Yes, my shit is like TNT this time. It is so huge and soft almost liquid! He is trying to hold it in his filthy mouth but it is too big for him. It is like cow shit! Yes, a COW shit! And he has to eat it all! I know that it’s not an easy task but I will help you! Yes, your balls are my leverage to make you do whatever I want! Now eat or I am going punches this balls until you finish! Or I can cut them haha… I know that you want to be in his place! You want to shit that cow shit in your mouth, are you? Okay if you really want to do this on you write me on my email

Rachel Evans Piss 004

Rachel Evans is sitting on a bed and playing with her pussy. Then she feels that she has to pee. She calls her slave and first pisses almost everything in his mouth. When he is sucking the missed drops, she gives the poor cleaning slave even more of her sweet piss. Clip with very good light quality!