Lond Girl Pooping

154 Black Slave Eat My Shit And Piss

Slave, you should not be embarrassed! It is notuncommon for a person of lesser social standing or black race to have a desire to serve the elite. Lie down right there on the floor under my chair. I will use you the same way I use my toilet. I think it is great that you knowyour place in life. Now drink my piss first and I will feed you with my shit after that. Don’t dare to throw up!

Hungry Toilet

I have a Real Big Shit for today. And I have a poor hangry toilet. I don’t go to the toilet for 2 days and I really wanted to shit. I let the slave kiss my legs and clean my shoes with his tongue. Now I have really something bigger and terribly smelling for you. Bad horrible 2-day shit. Faugh! I can not look at it – it’s really disgusting. And this is the ration of my toilet. Bon Appetit!

Shitting In A Bowl

Shitting in a bowl (JJ000513)

Shitting In Clothes

this amateur woman is pissing and shitting in her clothes (pantyhoses, you can see everything in transparency).