Long Loud Farting

Our Shit-eater Motherfucker

And again we are using toilet slave and made him eat our shit. We humiliating him verbal and punishing him. After that, we are feeding him with poops and make him swallow all! He is a shit-eater motherfucker and this is his fate. Day by day he is eat horny women shit. I know that you want to be in his place because you are the same shit-eater. We can feed you too, if you dare…

Mistress Roberta -pantyhose Bondage And Feeding

Today my slave will be tied up with pantyhose on his entire body also made some cbt with pantyhose and after i tie him up, humiliate him and tease him i pee and shit in his mouth and feed him pushing down with my hand the shit in his troat so enjoy the feeding:) .

My Poop Is Even Bigger!!

I did not poop for three days … Specially for you! Enjoy my fragrant and delicious super shit!)