Long Shit Log

Aria’s New Camera, Same Stinky Dumps!!

Aria has stepped the game up! Now with a nice high resolution HD Camera, Enjoy her new, improved collection of hot streaming Piss and gassy Plops!! You know its stinky when you can hear her relatives complaining about the smell in the hall!! When is Smell o vision coming out? I swear you can almost smell it your damn self!! Enjoy a nice collection of a week’s worth of action.

Gangbanged In The Female Urinal! Part 1

They grab at her and played with her tits, mashing them and biting her nipples. They keep her mouth open and they spit on her mouth, one after the other. They keep playing with her saliva-filled tits and make her feel like the bitch that she is.

Aria’s Public Ass Expulsions And Explosions!!

Good lawd the sites and sounds coming out of Aria?s Ass in this clip will blow your mind!! Enjoy as she pees, poots, and plopz in four All action, no filter clips!! When she spreads her asscheeks as she lets those green and brown logs squeeze and even shoot out her hole, you will want to explode!!! She gets straight to the action, rushing to get her work clothes off to let loose. Enjoy ass the ass grabbing, ass spreading, Grunts, plops and strains!! Aria?s juicy ass was on full display!! Nothing like seeing her slide in and out of those lovely boy shorts and thongs!!


Hot baby is hot shitting and peeing in sexy coral combi!