Long Turd Cat

Shit In Vacation P5

Now housework is announced. The toilet slave of the Scatqueens has to do the dishes while Mistress Michelle and Lady Angie are sitting right behind them eating something. In order for the slave to have a harder time working, Mistress Michelle binds him one leg up. So he has to stand on one leg. The Scatqueens laugh and watch the slave. Then Mistress Michelle has to poop. So the slave laying on the ground, mouth open. Then the shit swells out of the asshole directly into the mouth of the toilet slaves. Enjoy your meal.

Swallow Pee Pee

im lookin so sexy and oiled up i need to pee and i know you want to see my golden shower so i pee in a cup and then the smell and look, looks so delicious so i drink some and then have some drip out since you love that nasty shit haha come get wet with me nasty boy!

Amateur Brunette Babe Shitting In Toilet

Amateur brunette babe shitting in toilet

Friess My Shit You Bastard

Well, you little Dreckssau, did you feel like it again to keep your face from my asshole and lick me on my fresh shit from asshole? You lay out and make your mouth wide