Loud Funny Farts

Mistress Roberta – Shit Chips For Breakfast-pov

this morning you have a big amount of pee and a resonable one of shit but is going out small peaces like chips or bites so this is why i have named your breakfast shit chips so enjoy!

Diarrhea During Presentation!

Today she will make a very important presentation to the CEO and she is extremely nervous, so nervous that her stomach is actually grumbling. There’s no time to go to the restroom so she ignores it and carries on with her presentation. Halfway through it, she felt her asshole about to release shit, so she doubles over on the table and tries to hide her discomfort from her audience. Shit creams all over her panties and she has to continue her presentation with scat all over her ass.

Scat Masturbation

Young amateur is masturbating and shitting in panties while watching scat websites on her computer.

Diana Drink My Piss

Sometimes Diana needs someone just to drink her piss!