Love Drink Piss

Oxana Red Pants Double Shit

Oxana is hot pooping in her red pants and then pooping with her hairy asshole messy dinner for you!

Introducing Grace! Goodness Grace-ious!!!

I’ve done it again!!! A new month, and here’s a new (FUNKY) lady!! Everyone say hello to Grace, aka Goodness Graceious!!! Ms Goodness Graceious and I met online. She is no stranger to this fetish as she has been making special treats online for a minute!! She has decided to expand to a broader base and has partnered up with yours truly!!! You know we strive to keep bringing new content and new ladies all the time at Ladies Keeping It Funky!! Enjoy her first two clips!! Enjoy a nice short clip as she decides to shit on us all from above!! Then enjoy as she gets on the floor and unleashes a MONSTER load on a plate!!! I know how some of you get down – that looks good enough for you to eat!! Don’t you wish you were there!! Goodness Grace will be bringing the FUNK from now on!!!

Naked Shitting In The 9th Month

Well, my belly has grown so much! That’s because I’m in the 9th month! But I know that you want to see something else… So I press out a really hot shit sausage…!