Ltere Frauen Beim Pissen

Feeding The Pathetic Loser

I come into the room wearing a short skirt and a crop top, looking uncomfortable because I need the toilet. I want to make you happy, so I had to use my toilet slave instead of you. I feel your hard cock ? Get ready, I’m going to fill your mouth and make you to eat your girlfriends smelly shit! Maybe eating my shitty asshole will help you to cum ?

Mistress Gaia – Faster Shit

Here it is a beautiful greenish dose of my divine shit, still hot and I keep here specially for you. I’m waiting for you 😉

Big Scat & Wipe

Long shit, scat with wipe and surprise ending.

Monique – Drinking Piss

The sweetest girl on the Internet drinking piss, fucking, licking, what a girl!!