Lucy Takes Shit

My 18 Year Old Hot Neighbor

So this was an absolutely incredible experience…this was some delicious tasting shit let me tell you wow! And this girl is so fucking hot!!! Like for real. So one day a few months ago I got ballsy and told my nieghbor as we crossed paths that she had a really nice butt….she giggled and said thank you…and then I said honestly I would eat your booty treats…she looked at me funny brushed it off and walked off. Later that night she asked what I meant by I told her I wanted her to shit in my mouth and that I wanted to literally eat her shit. She was grossed out at first I think. But it planted a seed….I bugged her about it for weeks! Until the other night! she had been drinking a little and she texted me saying she feels something and maybe I should come over…so I grabbed my mobile studio equipment and headed over to her. Not only did she let me eat her ass out but she shit in my mouth and allowed me to eat it! I swallowed literally about her entire load! As seen in the video, I also rubbed some on my dick and came so fucking hard it felt so good!!! Her shit felt so good in my stomach for about two days! Enjoy this!!!

Beach Pissing

3 of my best beach pissing scenes.

Shitty Fuck Fest

Oh My lord I had fun making this clip! I had yet another first time toilet slave visiting Me, and he wanted to be trained up. I wore My sexy pvc dress and thigh high boots and lifted My dress up to reveal My arse and no underwear! I ordered him to worship My arse, then I made him shove his face right between My enormous arse cheeks so he was smothering himself in My magnificent crack. I made him lick My arsehole to loosen it ready for the huge hard turd that was poking at the other side of My chocolate starfish, and then I made him drink My piss. I crouched directly over him so My pussy was millimetres away from his mouth and he could suckle My dark amber morning nectar directly from the source. The flow was too fast for him, and the taste too strong so he got loads on the floor. I made him suck it all up like a vacuum cleaner while I relaxed with a cigarette, using him as a footstool. Once he was all done, I took a huge dump right in front of him. MY shit was so hard it sounded like marbles as it hit the floor, and little pellets dropped off of it as it was coming out. I made My slave clean Me like toilet paper, then inspected My arse crack in the camera screen, giving you a nice HD close up shot of My hairy crack, then I made him jerk off with My shit, edging himself several times. Finally, I made him lie down and I fucked him up the arse with My black strap on while telling him all about how I am going to turn him into My all consuming toilet, all the while, him still edging his shitty cock.This is an epic clip, and much longer than My usual ones. It is action packed and I hope you will enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Ebonyfetish 12 Nasty Days Of Christmas Day 3

Today’s treat is a holiday plate full of my hot, steamy shit! My slave was bugging me about a holiday meal, so I gave him one … EbonyFetish style! I set up a beautiful green plate under my throne and made him a nice ‘meal’!