Lvira Shitting

305. Shitting On A Dildo By Mistress Isabella

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I Had To Serve Dirty-tina And Her Slave As A Toilet! Part 2

Here I had to serve Dirty-Tina and one of her slaves as a living toilet. Tina led me along with her scalps to a toilet. There I had to put my head on the toilet seat and open my mouth wide. Then both of them pissed me into my slaves mouth and I had to swallow their whole piss. In the first part, Tina pissed me a big load of women’s piss in my mouth! And in the second part, the slave pissed me a big load of men’s piss in my slave’s toilet mouth!

Cucumber Salad With Shit

Man I had a craving for pickles and salad because I have something delicious mixed together. Fresh cucumber salad with fresh shit. It has been the delicious, but look at yourself