Lying And Shitting

Mistress Roberta -pantyhose Worship And Enema

Today my greedy slave will have a long worship of my cherry pantyhose before being used as my pot so first he will start with the foot the sole, the leg, the tights, the ass and in the end i pee and try to shit but decide to do an enema so i can push all the shit out for my bitch and make himself a shit mask, enjoy.

Boss/secretary Poop And Eating Instructions

This is a sensual poop on a chair including boss/secretary roleplay and eating instructions. I am typing at my desk, wearing my sexy secretary outfit and glasses. You (my boss) come to my desk and ask me for some notes for a meeting. I take off my glasses and hand them to you, which is when I notice that you don’t look well. So I ask what’s wrong, and you tell me you haven’t eaten all day. I am sympathetic, and I tell you I know exactly the thing to make you better. Kneel down in front of me. I pull up my skirt as you look up at me, and I tell you I had a big lunch and i’m going to feed you. I tell you how uncomfortable my work outfits are and how badly I want to take my clothes off. I remove my shirt and bra, now just wearing my hiked up skirt so you can see my pussy and asshole. I lift up my legs and start pushing, telling you to get ready for your first meal of the day. I slowly push out a big log, followed by a small one, while telling you to eat my poop. Chew it up and swallow it, you need some good food in you. I tell you just how to eat it and I talk dirty for the rest of the video.


Oxana is hot pooping in panties messy shit!

Pissing On Her Pussy

Pissing on her pussy (JJ000606)