Lying In Vomit

Your Fucking Empty Head Is Filled With Shit And Piss

Sometimes my girls are completely planned out, Jane stormed into the studio at the last second and had to piss immediately. We were able to get the slave from his cell just in time, otherwise the whole manure would have landed again in the middle of the room on the ground, immediately afterwards Domi had to do her big business. Fortunately, the slave pig is well trained to choke down such amounts in a short time. He wasn’t clean enough for me though, he should catch everything without a drop passing his fucking mouth. He took a few more tidy blows from us three girls before he was allowed to suck the piss and shit off the ground with his crap-filled skull.

Mistress Roberta – Worship, Farting, Breakfast-pov

Today i took my vynil red pants and order to you to worship them while i fart in your face loudly and smelly to please your nose with my divine farts and after the long farting i pee a bit, shit an spreaded shit with corn inside and after you lick clean my ass i wipe it good and serve you the breakfast so enjoy!

Webcam Pee

Look how i pee for you in my live Webcam Show. A full of load pee. You want to see more? Than contact me please.