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My Best Shits 5

Enjoy watching a view filled with shitting scenes? More importantly, a woman shitting into a slave’s mouth? Look no further as I bring you my best shitting scenes from my Broken Toilet Series again!Look how thoughtful my slave was here, using two living room chairs so I can sit in total comfort and take a massive shit right into his inferior mouth under me. This shit felt so good to push out I did it slowly to enjoy every moment and then felt sadistic and aroused so I left him like that for the entire day! His mouth full of my shit and a huge pile right on top of his face leaving him with only half a nostril to breathe through – Brought to you From Broken Toilet 19We start of with him licking my ass after a hard day. My asshole is sweaty, itchy and VERY smelly. I could actually smell my own anal odor as I took my panties off. So my slave Devoted Sub had to put his inferior tongue to good use.Watch as I moan in pure pleasure as he licks between every wrinkle off my asshole to get it clean, his face buried deep into my sexy bottom in order to tongue fuck my rectum. As you can see on my face I made him lick a long time until I reached a soft and satisfying orgasm. We made use of several camera angles to make sure you don’t miss any action.But I was far from done, before he will taste my shit he will have to earn it! So with his mask removed I sat on his naked face and rode him like a racehorse. His nose deep into my soaking wet vagina and his tongue fucking my asshole I kept riding and almost suffocated him in my girl juices as I reached two more mild but long multiple orgasms.Still I wanted to cum more so I turned around and gave him a HUGE HONOR! This time I sat down and rode his face with my soaking wet vagina right on top of his wide open mouth and his nose pushed deep into my asshole. He will never be worthy enough to lick my vagina but as I rode his face and reached two more orgasms my girl cum pumped right into his inferior mouth to swallow giving me the total erotic dominance and release at his expense.It was less than an hour later after I changed into different clothes that the stirring in my bowls started. I suppose all those mini orgasms and him tongue fucking my ass stimulated my colon. We used the living room furniture again so I can sit in comfort. I sat with my legs widely spread in full view of the camera so you can see the full detail of my swollen & red vagina from the orgasms I had on his face and in his mouth. Look how shiny & clean my asshole is from all that tongue washing by him!I enjoyed the warmth of each of those soft, nasty & creamy turds as they slithered out of my asshole into his mouth. After all the pleasure it felt so good having such a nasty bowel movement right into his mouth. Just to remind him of his place – From Broken Toilet 20Something about this shoot was just different. Maybe it’s because my shit just smelled so horrible that I could see the agony in my slave’s eyes. I decided to make him lay still with his mouth and face filled with my creamy shit as I sat down with my legs spread over him and masturbated slowly in full view of him. He had a clear view of my soaking wet and swollen vagina lips right in front of him, seeing the pleasure I get from playing with myself as he has to endure the horrible taste of my shit seeing the pleasure part of my body to which he’ll never have access. All he can do is endure his fate and see the intense sadistic pleasure I experience. This simply tell him what his role is in my life.It’s always good to remind your toilet slave of his place. I’m completely naked in this video so my slave can admire my beautiful naked body. He knows he will never be worthy enough to experience the nice parts of my body. Only the parts considered gross, my ass and what comes out of it.I start off by giving him the huge honor of smelling and licking my asshole with his face buried into my tight bottom where it belongs. After he washed my shithole with his tongue he has to thank me by giving me a massage. He is indeed privileged that he got to put his hands on my perfect back, massaging my tight muscles for my pleasure.After this I sit on his face twice so he can see me playing with my perfect breasts while he only experience the nasty taste of my shithole by licking it deep this time while I’m using his inferior face as a seat. The perfect way to show him how little worth I consider him. Afterwards I give him the biggest honor of all by taking a big and nasty shit right into him mouth and then I masturbate in full view of him as I smile down at him with his mouth and face filled with my smelly shit. It’s such an amazing feeling of power and control isn’t it? When you see the agony in his eyes, his mouth filled with your stinking shit. Instead of showing him mercy I simply masturbate, so amazing! – From Broken Toilet 21How do you determine whether a toilet is grateful or not? Let’s say something prevents you from using it a day or two. Will it miss you? Will it be grateful for your return? Due to unseen circumstances beyond my control I couldn’t use my toilet for a few days. In this video you will see how grateful he was to be able to call himself my toilet again :-)I returned with a very smelly ass that haven’t been washed and I show you all the different positions you can use your toilet to lick your ass clean. If for instance your back hurts you can use positions that is comfortable for YOU. He is your toilet slave after all so your pleasure and comfort is what counts!As you will see some of these positions are great if you want to masturbate a little while he works his tongue deep into your smelly ass. I couldn’t resist, it felt so damn good! Other positions allow you to push a little to make sure he tastes your shit right in your asshole before you finally take a big shit in his mouth and on his face like I did – From Broken Toilet 23

My First Shit Eater

After years of using subs, I finally found one who was ready to give me the ultimate level of servitude and eat my shit right from the hole! He started off by drinking every drop of my golden piss stream and then moved his mouth under my asshole so I could push my soft, lumpy shit right into his mouth. He tried to keep up, but I had been holding this load all morning and it came pouring out of my ass faster than he could swallow it! When we were done, my ass cheeks were a mess, so he pulled off his mask and licked my clean and buried his tongue deep inside my asshole to get the last few tasty bits!

Schoolgirls Shit On Me And I Love It! – Part 2

They shit on a glass bowl and they make me eat it, which I did without protest. They bend over so I can lick the remaining shit off their perky butts.